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Unboxing &
application tips

How to apply & enjoy your Ewe Care

How to apply & enjoy your Ewe Care


When you open your beautiful, compostable box, you will find inside your sachet of day or night cream and your hand-crafted cream holder. Inside you will notice a sponge insert holding the ceramic container. Hold onto this as it has a dual purpose.

Step 1 — Dispensing your cream into your ceramic cream holder

Only dispense 20mL of the Ewe Care cream at a time into the cream holder. Stay with us! We say this because we suggest you use the sponge to apply the cream and store it damp in the vessel with the lid on. This keeps your cream moist and ready to use.

Step 2 — Damp skin locks into 10 times more hydration

Both the day and night cream apply best to damp skin, as it allows your skin to absorb the cream more readily (up to 10 times better!) and gives the moisturiser a chance to lock in that wonderful hydration. We suggest using the sponge supplied and dampen with cool water and use to wipe over your skin gently. You don’t want it wet, just slightly damp. This means that your skin is still moist but not fully dry.

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Step 3 — Reuse the sponge for better application

After dampening your skin, use the same sponge to tap on the cream to use the smallest amount – around a pea size and tap over your face. Then use your fingers to massage gently in an upward sweeping motion until the cream soaks in.

Step 4 — Best practice storage

Rinse the sponge under cool water and leave damp. Unlike other moisturisers, Ewe Care contains no nasties and so to keep the product in the best condition, press the sponge into the cream holder to lock out the air and then cover the cream gently and cover with a lid. Store in pride of place on your bathroom counter.

Step 5 — Day and Night

The same application is suggested for both day and night cream. However, we suggest you use an SPF after your day cream and that you put your night cream on just before sleep so it can have hopefully 8 hours to help keep your skin hydrated till the morning.


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