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Day Cream & Raku Day Ceramic

Made in collaboration with ceramicist Ian Clare

Handcrafted from Tasmanian clay by a local ceramicist, these beautiful pots are suitable for storing any Ewe Care Cream. Each individual pot is marked with unique patterns created using sheep’s wool from our farm, the Cream Holder comes in a light and dark colourway, making it easy to differentiate between your day and night routines, or simply allowing you to pick your favourite.

Purchase of this cream holder includes Ewe Care Day Cream 60mL sachet.

Available on backorder

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Real Ratings & Reviews

So Excited!

I have just received my order and am so excited. I can hardly wait to use the moisturiser, but using my old one up first. The ceramic pot is stunning and I feel really lucky to own one. Thank you also for the lovely soap and what an unexpected surprise. I also have to comment on the box it came in, just beautiful. I am ecstatic, to say the least, thanking you for such great products, made my day.

  • Astra Apsis

  • Verified

  • Aug 27, 2021


lived up to expectations of the featured segment on ABC Landline program, perfect for my skin type, and a great ceramic container as well

  • raymond rose

  • Verified

  • Jan 03, 2022

Fantastic Skincare

As a male, I’m always cautious when it comes to skin care, i.e. what works for my skin and is it, actually what it says it is. I gifted myself “for Christmas” the ewe care “Day Cream” and “Night Cream” and I’m pleased to share that it is genuinely “amazing”. The quality of this artisan Tasmanian product, the bespoke packaging, “the experience” from purchase to delivery, and the results with my skin, is frankly as good as it gets. I can’t recommend it more highly!

  • Doug

  • Verified

  • Feb 14, 2022

luxury product

Love it,
I received this for my birthday such a beautiful product it feels so luxurious on your skin and such a lovely natural scent.
I just adore the clay pot and the way each one is unique. It looks so beautiful in my bathroom,
so good i have purchased another one for a gift.

  • Gay Le Merrer

  • Verified

  • Feb 16, 2022

Perfect Gift

I am traveling overseas soon (yah!!) and want to take gifts to friends I have not seen in forever – these items are perfect from the packaging to the product.

  • Anne Bell

  • Verified

  • Mar 19, 2022

Thank you for your superb product

Thank you Ewecare for the excellent service you have given to me, you have gone out of of your way to ensure I received my order in time for my birthday. The packaging is out of this world, everything is usable and beautiful. I have only had a very short time to use my creams so will feed back in more detail when my face has experienced the creams for longer. For now I am wanting to say thank you for your professional service and for going the extra mile for me. Yours, Vivienne

  • Vivienne Renzella

  • Verified

  • Mar 26, 2022


I was delighted to receive such a beautifully presented product. The care taken to create the raku ceramic holder and the development and research to develop such an innovative product is to be commended.
The ceramic holder takes pride of place on my bathroom vanity and the face cream just glides on so smoothly. I love it.

  • Dianne

  • Verified

  • Apr 06, 2022

Beautiful product

The Ewe Care Day cream is just gorgeous – it’s light and really moisturizing. We are in our dry season in the Northern Territory and so a good moisturizer is essential. The Ewe Care product is lovely – and the ceramic bowl is really special. I’ll be back for more next month.

  • Tanya izod

  • Verified

  • Jun 13, 2022

Pure indulgence

I purchased both the Day cream & raku ceramic bowl set and the Night cream & ceramic bowl set. I was searching for raku bowls as they remind me of my College Day’s pottery classes and just so happens I needed to replace my moisturiser. I read an article on Ewecare moisturiser and it suited my dry sensitive skin and assisted Australia farmers. I was excited to receive my parcel and quickly discovered that only a small amount of the moisteriser is needed to be applied to damp skin. I apply it to my face morning and evening and no need to re apply moisteriser throughout the day. I store the flat ceramic disc on top of a small amount of moisteriser in the bowl, then the damp sponge, then the ceramic lid. This works well for me. The boxes used for packaging are beautiful and now house my Aust Wool felt peices. The excess foam is for my compost bin! Thank you Ewecare, I am one happy customer.

  • Karen Fletcher

  • Verified

  • Jun 23, 2022

Amazing product

Amazing! This was a birthday gift for my mother. Presentation gorgeous and prompt delivery even though there was a slight hiccup with delivery address, but all was recified immediately. My mother loved the cream and the presentation of the ceramic bowl. Great job guys. Definitely would recommend if your looking for that unique gift that is something a little bit different. We’ll done Tassie!

  • Natalie Nicole

  • Verified

  • Aug 30, 2022

Can’t wait to see my son’s reaction to his EWEcare Christmas present!

Yes, I know it’s a long tagline, but as soon as I saw the article on Ewecare in The Age, I knew my son would be delighted by both the product and the unique packaging. Christmas gifts made easy!

  • Marina Holland

  • Verified

  • Nov 15, 2022

Moth creases be gone

I started using the ewe care products to support an Australian business, their endeavour was a brave step to take and also a stroke of genius.
Even though I have never been a smoker I had quite a lot of creases around my mouth, one in particular was a crevice. After using the ewe care for a couple of weeks I was noticing a difference. Whilst I still have creases they have markedly improved; my crevice more than halved and that make me very happy.

  • Joanne Moore

  • Verified

  • May 22, 2023

Raku day and night

I just adore the ewecare day and night cremes so calming and moisturising .
Please see my photo of the uniquely beautiful raku ceramic containers with a few of my favourite things.

  • Lexie McLaren

  • Verified

  • Aug 15, 2023

"A unique and elegant piece that feels
at home on any bedside table or bathroom bench."

Tasmanian-made in every way

Our Cream Holders are just one way we celebrate Tasmania. Each of our creams is blended with uniquely Tasmanian ingredients with their own skincare benefits, to bring you an all-natural skincare offering that proudly reflects the land it’s made on.

Better for your skin and the Earth

From product to packaging, every aspect of Ewe Care is made with our impact on the planet in mind. We believe the skincare industry can and should be doing better by the environment and we carry that through every aspect of our brand.

Our Handcrafted Cream Holders are suitable for any Ewe Care cream