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Night Cream & Raku Night Ceramic

Made in collaboration with ceramicist Ian Clare

Handcrafted from Tasmanian clay by a local ceramicist, these beautiful pots are suitable for storing any Ewe Care Cream. Each individual pot is marked with unique patterns created using sheep’s wool from our farm, the Cream Holder comes in a light and dark colourway, making it easy to differentiate between your day and night routines, or simply allowing you to pick your favourite.

Purchase of this cream holder includes a Ewe Care Night Cream 60mL sachet.

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Real Ratings & Reviews

Brilliantly moisturising!

I bought this cream and the beautiful hand made cream holder after seeing it featured on a tv programme. It has not disappointed! My face has been so dry this winter and since I’ve been using Ewe Care night cream my face is soft and supple. Love it!
And the cream holder has pride of place on my bathroom bench. No more single use plastic tubes for me.

  • Kathryn Peterson

  • Verified

  • Jul 30, 2021

The Packaging is NEXT LEVEL

I have been looking for this forever! Finally a beauty brand that takes the ethics of packing just as seriously as the ethics of the product. Ewe Care ticks both of these boxes in more ways than any other beauty brand I’ve seen in this space and, what’s more, the creams are superb!

  • Miranda Scales

  • Verified

  • Jul 30, 2021

Once in a while there is a product that’s and 11/10 well Ewecare has it all!

The cream itself is rich and luxurious, but suitable for sensitive skin (like mine). It’s rich in vitamins and minerals, and it actually works wonders on psoriasis (which is hard to find). It adds moisture to your skin and improves it’s elasticity, use it on your face, neck, hands, even feet, it really is a super cream.

I love how it’s efficially sourced and uses waste product, giving life to unwanted ingredients to creat a premium product. It comes in a handcrafted Tasmanian ceramic bowl that can be refilled from sachets, you will want to style all your bathrooms with this gem, Love Love Love!

  • Michelle Warmuz

  • Verified

  • Feb 03, 2022

Night cream

This night cream is silky, light, and smells delicious!! It feels beautiful on my face. The ceramic pot if unique and I love the feel, shape and look of it. Would definitely recommend these products. Thoughtful and well made.

  • Joanne

  • Verified

  • Feb 13, 2022

Love it.

The skin of this middle-aged healthcare professional has taken a real beating with 8-10 hours in a P2 respirator every day. Whatever skin care I tried, my nostrils and lip edges were red and flaky, and the bridge of my nose was dry and sore from the constant contact . Plastering lanolin on under my mask helped the most but was only holding it at bay. This night cream has really started to get things under control, and my whole face feels softer when I wake up in the morning. The cream smells so simple and clean with a hint of tea tree. I love the container- it’s a little piece of art to brighten my bedtime. So glad to find something ethical and sustainable that works.

  • Kate

  • Verified

  • Mar 07, 2022

Its the full sensory ritual!

This cream really delivers! It’s rich and hydrating and my skin the next morning has never looked nor felt so good.
The Raku cream holder adds another beautiful element to my nighttime ritual and my bathroom. Super happy!

  • Chritsia Uomo

  • Verified

  • Mar 18, 2022

Gorgeous in every way

I first took an interest in Ewe Care after seeing a program about their family farm in Tasmania. I loved the company’s values of minimising waste, value-adding and honouring the handmade.
The Raku night cream felt like an indulgence but I have loved every nightly use of it. It’s gorgeous. Smells gorgeous, feels gorgeous. I don’t know if I look better for it, but I sure feel better for it. It’s rich, calming and nourishing. Since my first purchase, this company has shown incredible customer support. I’ve received a free replacement sachet, a bonus product in a recyclable tin, a lovely email in response to a concern raised. Their communications and customer care is exemplary. I am pleased and proud to support Ewe Care. In a world of spin, they are beautifully crafting the real deal.

  • Maria

  • Verified

  • Mar 19, 2022

Softer skin

I am really loving the night cream. It is easily absorbed and my face is noticeably softer. I was surprised by the amount of packaging. I bought the product for myself and I didn’t need a presentation box. I appreciate that the packaging is recyclable or compostable. I think you could consider offering gift packaging as an option and something simpler if customers want that

  • Margaret

  • Verified

  • Nov 15, 2022

"A unique and elegant piece that feels
at home on any bedside table or bathroom bench."

Tasmanian-made in every way

Our Cream Holders are just one way we celebrate Tasmania. Each of our creams is blended with uniquely Tasmanian ingredients with their own skincare benefits, to bring you an all-natural skincare offering that proudly reflects the land it’s made on.

Better for your skin and the Earth

From product to packaging, every aspect of Ewe Care is made with our impact on the planet in mind. We believe the skincare industry can and should be doing better by the environment and we carry that through every aspect of our brand.

Our Handcrafted Cream Holders are suitable for any Ewe Care cream