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The journey begins — Part two


Welcome to the Ewe Care Journey blog Part 2. If you missed part 1 then please feel free to catch up here.

In the last post, I introduced you to us and our arrival at the solution to the problem of milk not suited to cheesemaking. If it was good enough for Cleopatra, then surely it had to be good enough in 2021, right?

This might all sound quite convenient and somewhat contrived, but the Universe works in strange ways! As a prelude to the idea of Ewe Care, I had been discussing sheep milk and its complexities with a friend who is an academic in New Zealand specialising in the peculiarities of sheep milk and its commercial applications. It was during this conversation that he related to me a study that had been conducted on the anti-microbial and wound healing properties of sheep milk products.

As is sometimes the case in life, these things serendipitously land in our sphere of vision at times with impeccable timing. In this case for me, I knew right away that we simply had to read that paper! In addition to that, it was suggested to us that sheep milk has potential in this space to solve skin-related issues like acne and eczema so, as a mother of a daughter who suffers from eczema, DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE I WENT!

Nicole on the farm

I read the paper, but the research was focused on the innate properties of sheep milk fats in healing wounds, scars and skin conditions. It wasn’t quite the magic pill I was hoping for to justify going down the path of launching a brand new (one of the millions) skincare brand claiming to not only deliver the fountain of youth but also heal your wounds, lighten your scars and alleviate topical skin conditions. But it was enough to push on.

Fortunately, I am not easily deterred and what I found in my research was that in sheep milk there was a uniqueness (aside from the science of wound healing etc) that delivered any number of benefits that we all seek in skincare. It occurred to me that, given I’m a cheesemaker and thus extremely familiar with the nutritional benefits of sheep milk as compared to cow or goat, it should have been clear to me from the get-go that sheep milk again in this space would deliver comparable uniqueness. But it didn’t. Because I’m a cheesemaker, not a skincare formulator, but it fuelled me right down that very rabbit hole………